Laughing Matters … Next Gen

Laughing Matters…Next Gen profiles six comedians — from left to right, below: Daniel Leary (Mores for Gays), Amy Tee, Edison Apple, Gloria Bigelow (Cherry Bomb), Ryan Hill, and Bridget McManus (Brunch With Bridget) — by showcasing some of their stand-up material alongside backstage interviews.

Photo credit: Sherry Barnett

I was at the live taping of the big Laughing Matters…Next Gen stand-up show back in March, and it was a huge hit with the sold-out audience.

As with most documentaries, you’re only going to see a few minutes of the 20-minute set each comedian performed that night (and if you’re familiar with Bridget’s material, you’ll recognize some of her comedy here since this was filmed six months ago).

But there’s plenty to make you laugh, including Daniel’s imitation of lesbians dancing, Gloria’s hilarious conversations with her mother, and Bridget’s ode to love until the lease runs out.


Laughing Matters…Next Gen

And here’s a short backstage conversation with the comics — you can watch more Laughing Matters…Next Gen backstage videos here.

Laughing Matters…Next Gen backstage:
Getting nervous, hitting the stage, and making deals with God