Reading is sexy, just ask Tina Fey and Scarlett Johansson

To me, the only thing as sexy as a great writer is a great reader. Finding a great writer who also is a great reader is, well, heavenly.

My love of books knows no bounds. When I’m feeling blue, I head for the bookstore and, if I’m lucky enough to have a few extra bucks, I leave with a brand new book in hand, ready to transport me from my gloom to a world designed by a writer’s imagination.

Last year, we introduced you to First Book, an incredible organization with the mission to give low-income kids their very first new books. First Book’s annual awareness campaign, “What Book Got You Hooked?” is underway and you can participate by sharing the memory of the book that introduced you to the joy of reading. You can also discover which titles are beloved by some of your favorite authors and celebrities.

Diva Patti LaBelle’s favorite book since childhood is Heidi: “It’s so thoughtful, yet simple enough for a child to understand.”

For Scarlett Johansson, the love for books began when her sister read to her from Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl: “Every night she would read me a new chapter. I loved it so much that I made her start over again right after we completed it!”

Aw, she’s adorable when she’s sleepy.

Emma Thompson has fond memories of The Hound of the Baskerville: “My grandfather gave it to me when I was 10, little expecting that I would become obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, detection, murder most foul and cleverness — an obsession which persists to this day.”

Obsession? I know exactly what she means.

To see which books hooked celebrities like Stephen Colbert, Eartha Kitt, Judy Woodruff and Neil Patrick Harris, visit First Book’s site. Be sure to add your favorite book to the list. Your submission could earn your state 50,000 new books for children in need, and a 10 dollar donation can give four kids a brand new book.

And be sure to tell us what book got you hooked. Here’s mine.