Gaming is for Girls: Singstar enlists Kellie Pickler and other country stars for a new edition

“World of Goo” goes gold

We’ve had “World of Goo” on our “DRADIS” for some time now and it’s finally gone gold — meaning it’s off to the presses! “World of Goo” is an independent title by developers 2D Boy founded by Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel, both of whom worked at EA prior to starting their own studio. If you like your odd puzzle titles “World of Goo” could be for you. It’s set to release on PC, Mac and WiiWare.

“SingStar” expands with “ABBA” and “Country” editions

You can never have too much “Singstar,” it seems, as SCEA and SCEE announce “SingStar ABBA”and “SingStar Country,” both of which should see the light of day in time for the holiday season (though the latter is only set for a U.S. release at time of writing).

The agreement comes as the music of ABBA enjoys a renewed surge of popularity worldwide, sparked by the huge success of the film, Mamma Mia. “SingStar Country” is expected to do well with the likes of Kenny Chesney, Brooks & Dunn, Jessica Simpson, Miranda Lambert, Montgomery Gentry, Kellie Pickler, Faith Hill, Keith Urban and others taking part.

“The Legend of Kage 2” in October

Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of Square Enix interactive entertainment products in Europe and other PAL territories, has announced “The Legend of Kage 2” will be available across all PAL territories in November 2008, exclusively for the Nintendo DS. The U.S. release is scheduled for early October.

The title features ninja-styled arcade action that will allegedly “engulf players in a whirlwind of flashing katana, screaming shuriken and breathtaking mid-air combat.” It sounds painful.

Arrghh me hearties, “Pirate Party” ahoy!

Lighthouse Interactive has announced they have acquired the worldwide rights to the multi-platform game “Pirate Party: Adventures of the Black Corsair.” Developed by Virtual Identity, this family friendly action adventure “party” game for Nintendo Wii and DS is scheduled for worldwide release early next year.

“Pirate Party” invites players to become marauding buccaneers in 17th century London. Double-crossed by their pirate Captain and branded traitors to their country, players will face countless perils as they struggle to clear their names and become the most famous Black Corsair, defender of the Crown. A fantastic new adventure is about to begin!

Handicapped gamers and Ubisoft campaign with “Ability Together”

Ubisoft and Handicap International have created a game as part of the charity’s new campaign “Ability Together.” The game’s objective is to make young and old aware of the difficulties encountered by disabled people on a daily basis, and of the realities of disability in today’s world.

We wanted to check the games out for you, but couldn’t get them to work. It’s made up of a main menu and three mini-games, each representing a different impairment that puts the player in the shoes of someone with a physical disability, a sensory disability or learning difficulties. It looks eye-catching and well polished, and it’s a good cause, so head over for a look.

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