Jen Foster’s “Closer to Nowhere”

In her new music video out for her hit single “Closer to Nowhere” (from her new album Songs from 39), openly gay singer-songwriter Jen Foster tries to give advice to a girl who is living a life she hates (drinking and smoking all day, working at a dead-end job, etc.).

Watch it here!

Jen Foster “Closer to Nowhere”


I first interviewed Jen for back in January, 2004, when her lesbian-themed song “She” caught my attention (and everyone else’s — it was a finalist for the John Lennon Songwriting Award), and loved her distinctive voice the first time I heard it.

But I really fell in love with her music after listening to “Taking Bob Dylan” (Songs from the Underdogs, 2005) on a loop for a few months. I never get tired of listening to that song.

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