Regina Spektor heeds Amanda Palmer’s advice

Amanda Palmer, Nicole Atkins and Regina Spektor walk into a bar.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

OK, so it may not have been a bar — more like New York City’s Spiegeltent — but the three were indeed together and, thanks to some peer pressure from Palmer, Spektor walked away from the evening with a mission: update her MySpace blog. “Amanda was kind enough to remind me that me not writing about anything on MySpace for such a long time, is uncool to the max (not her exact words),” she wrote.

In fact, it had been eight months and 11 days since the quirky chanteuse fully took to her digital scribe, and only then to talk about her then-recent health ailments (vertigo) and to wish readers season’s greetings. In that time, Spektor, as she reveals, wrote a song, titled “The Call,” for Disney’s The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, recorded a tune with Ben Folds for his new album, played a Brooklyn show with a Stroke (Albert Hammond, Jr.), opened for Ani DiFranco in Philadelphia, and played three dates on the True Colors tour, which included a little tour-bus dance party with Tegan and Sara in Washington, D.C.

“They are the funnest and awesomest twins I know,” Spektor wrote, “and just because I don’t know that many twins doesn’t mean they are not the highest caliber of awesome and fun.” We’d imagine few would argue.

Fun aside, the tour’s mission certainly wasn’t lost on Spektor:

Gay rights, in a free and equal country, should be implicit. That’s the point of equality. It’s equal. Everyone gets to have it. Somehow, someone didn’t get the memo with the whole ‘inalienable rights’ thing, and so they are not. Then again, they got the memo about guns just fine. Not separation of church and state, though … Who is in charge of handing out these memos? It’s bizarre. Then again, we are a heart beat away from having a very inexperienced woman (an insult to all actually deserving women out there) possibly lead our country off the deep end of the edge of human reason … but that’s a much longer post…

Meanwhile, for those curious about a follow-up to 2006’s Begin to Hope, Spektor, who will perform with Ben Folds on Late Night With Conan O’Brien on Oct. 2, offers little detail, saying only, “A record has been started, and not finished yet.” Here’s hoping the wait for the new record isn’t as long as for the update to her blog.