Stylish songstresses want you to wear their clothes

We’ve acknowledged it before: Rock stars have superb senses of style. That must be why several of them have wanted to see us mimic their styles, while also turning a profit.

Sonic Youth frontwoman Kim Gordon is the latest rock lady to make a foray into fashion. She recently launched her line, Mirror/Dash, with friends/designers Melinda Wansbrough and Jeffrey Monteiro.

What’s special about Mirror/Dash is that the items will be limited edition, so the first piece (an awesome military-inspired jacket) will only be available to 50 consumers via the website for a cool $415.

Gordon follows in the footsteps of many other musically inclined women whose style has inspired others, and therefore inspired them to create their own styles to be put on sale in department stores, QVC and anywhere else clothing can be sold.

Beyoncé Knowles — House of Dereon

Beyoncé’s mother, Tina, has created flashy outfits for her daughter since she was a child of Destiny. Launched in 2004, House of Deréon is urban hip-hop wear that includes embellishes like beaded lace and rhinestones. In 2006, they launched a junior line that has more casual clothing like sweatshirts and sweatpants.

Would she wear it? Probably not — does Beyoncé ever dress down?

Reba McEntireReba Wear

The queen of country has taken over television, and since 2005, she’s been hawking her classic denim and button-down blouses at Dillard’s all over the United States. The prices are a little steep ($78 for a pair of jeans), but the quality might be worth it.

Would she wear it?: Yes, and she does. She claims to wear her own Reba jeans every day.

Gwen StefaniL.A.M.B.

A true style icon for postmodern women, Stefani has glammed up her own sense of style to make L.A.M.B. a huge hit for their colorfully monogrammed bags and creative heels and flats. The high-priced collection has grown to include fragrances and, soon, lingerie, watches and makeup products as well.

Would she wear it?: Yes, it’s her style: Trendy punky, funky glam.



Though many have picked up on the neon ’90s playfulness that she struts with pride, Miss M.I.A. has a style all her own — which is why it was natural she’d want to create some outfits for her fans. With only a few items available so far, it seems as if she’s sticking to what she likes: bold patterns and bright colors that might induce some seizures when those who don them dance to her music.

Would she wear it?: Yes, and no one else really could pull it off like she can.

Other musicians cashing in on the fashion craze: Jessica Simpson, Avril Lavigne and Jennifer Lopez. Do you wear any of their wares?