Are you there, God? It’s me, Carrie

When I watched Big and Carrie decide to rekindle their dysfunctional relationship on the last episode of Sex and the City in 2004, I wiped the tears from my face and came to terms with the fact that I would no longer know what was going on in the lives of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte.

That did not turn out to be the case.

It seems the Sex and the City phenomenon isn’t going anywhere — especially after the recent news that Sex scribe Candace Bushnell will write a young adult series about Carrie’s teen years, aptly titled The Carrie Diaries.

The closest we’ve come to Carrie’s high school years on the show was the return of her first boyfriend (played by an institutionalized David Duchovny) and her disturbing, yet realistic reference to losing her virginity (“Eleventh grade. Seth Bateman. His smelly rec room. Half a joint, three thrusts, finito.”)

Bushnell’s deal with publisher HarperCollins includes two young adult novels (so far) that will take readers through Carrie’s teenage years, some of which will be spent in a yet-to-be-determined suburb and some, of course, in Manhattan.

“I’ve always been interested in exploring Carrie’s teenage years,” Bushnell told E! Online . “Carrie in high school did not follow the crowd — she led it. It was there that she began observing and commenting on the social scene.”

The books are slated to hit the shelves in 2010, and Bushnell told MTV to ask her “in a year” about her plans for young Carrie.

While Sarah Jessica Parker has sent mixed signals about the possibility of a Sex and the City movie sequel, she seems thrilled about Bushnell’s new book deal.

“I heard about this and I thought, ‘It’s so smart of her!’ ” Parker said of the book series. “And honestly, there was a big part of myself and Michael Patrick [King, executive producer for the show] that really didn’t think about her past. We didn’t talk about her family, parents, siblings, so I don’t know anything about her in a way. I have ideas about her adolescence, but Candace is a really, really good storyteller, and I’m just really excited to see: Who was Carrie?”

While I haven’t been crazy about Bushnell’s other books, this idea seems to be the best one yet when it comes to follow-ups to the series (the movie was quite the bummer).

Hopefully the books won’t forget about Carrie’s female friendships while taking her through the hell that was high school dating.

I can see it now: “Dear Diary, I can’t help but wonder why I don’t have a date to the prom.”

Will you read The Carrie Diaries? Do you think the story has gone on for too long already?