New Music Tuesday: 9-23-08

Today’s big buzz record will be TV on the Radio‘s Dear Science — and it certainly will be worthy of the attention. Despite there being no ladies in the band, I urge you to give Dear Science a spin after you’ve made your way through the other albums of the week.

Jenny LewisAcid Tongue (Warner Bros. Records)

The Rilo Kiley chanteuse’s second solo album features a ton of guest stars (including Zooey Deschanel). Like her first solo album, there’s a folk-country edge that Rilo Kiley fans either adore or abhor. (You’ve probably made your decision by now.)

Pussycat DollsDoll Domination (Interscope Records)

It’s impossible to go anywhere right now without hearing the PCD’s single, “When I Grow Up,” and it sure is catchy. Despite the cheese factor, the Dolls do have a way of working with songwriters who know what radio listeners want. Although they won’t necessarily “dominate” the world, you might be hearing several R&B/dance singles from this album over the next year.

LenkaLenka (Epic Records)

Fans of Feist, Regina Spektor and St. Vincent will love Lenka’s piano-laden tracks. The former frontwoman for Decoder Ring, the Swedish singer/songwriter has found her footing as a solo artist with happy-go-lucky tunes like the single “The Show.”

All Girl Summer Fun Band Looking into It (Ultra Records)

The AGSFB is a trio of Portland lasses who make fun indie-pop. It’s been five years since the band’s last album, which is not on account of laziness — the ladies are all involved in other projects including The Thermals and The Softies. You will like their music if you enjoy girls, fun and Sleater-Kinney.

What are you listening to this week?