Tina Fey teams up with John McCain on “Saturday Night Live”

Tina Fey reprised her role as Gov. Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live this weekend in a funny skit in which she and Sen. John McCain (the real McCain) pretended to hawk QVC products in response to the 30-minute national primetime infomercial Obama aired earlier in the week.

Both McCain and his wife get points for being able to poke fun at themselves (unlike Sarah Palin, who didn’t really participate when she visited SNL), but most of the jokes were aimed at the Obama-Biden ticket. That’s fair and to be expected, but it was hard for me to find McCain’s jabs at Obama in this sketch very funny given the unprecedented amount of fear, racism and xenophobia the McCain-Palin ticket has created and perpetuated in the last few months.

Also sobering is the prospect that Americans might forget about all of that at the polls on Tuesday because McCain made them laugh on Saturday night.

Think I’m worried about nothing? Talk me down in the comments — please!

But you betcha Tina Fey is just as funny as she always is doing her Palin imitation. Watch the sketch here now (and you can watch McCain’s Weekend Update speech here):


Best joke? When Palin goes rogue and pitches her “Palin for 2012” t-shirts. As Liz Lemon would say, it’s funny ’cause it’s true.

Also funny was McCain’s comment that “I’m a true maverick — a Republican without money;” the reference to Palin’s clothes when he said “These campaigns sure are expensive;” and the Joe Biden doll that talks for 45 minutes.

But forget the Joe Biden or Joe The Plumber dolls, or even the Hillary Clinton, Condoleeza Rice, and Sarah Palin dolls (yes, they really do exist) — where’s our Tina Fey doll?