Gaming is For Girls: Pieces Interactive introduces a “puzzling” new game

Pieces Interactive brings “Puzzlegeddon” to PC

We haven’t played this one yet, but we do think it has some nice assets, and we thought you might like to know about it if you don’t already. “Puzzlegeddon” is a “puzzle brawler” in which you “Puzzle, collect resources and defeat opponents — by combining an inventive puzzle mode with frantic party-game action and the added twists of the universe. Players are in for a … great early Christmas gift this November,” says Johan Hellberg, CEO of Pieces Interactive.

Well of course he’d say that! We’ll reserve judgment, but it certainly does look interesting. You can check it out here.

Puzzlegeddon by Pieces Interactive

“Halo 3 Recon” will only be three to six hours in length

This seems like a bit of a letdown, until you realize they’re going to have the length reflected in the price — it will be cheaper — and that “Halo 3” took around six hours to finish and was full-price.

We’re still holding out hope the Orbital Drop Shock Trooper you play in this can be female, and we’ve been perusing numerous interviews about it, so we think you will get that option. Bungie is consistently playing the gender pronoun game with this one, as mentioned a few episodes back on Gay Girls Who Game.

When recently asked if the character is male, the response was, “We definitely don’t want to talk too much about the ODSTs.” Bring it, Bungie! Bring fairness and a little equality to the “Halo” universe. Doing anything all-male now would just be completely cruel.

“Citizen Siege” still in development at Oddworld Inhabitants

This is great news, in our humble opinion. Oddworld Inhabitants has, over the years, managed to release some of the most lovingly crafted and innovative titles for PS1 and Xbox formats. Good news, then, that their long-rumored “Citizen Siege” CGI movie is still in development.

It’s not a game, exactly, but if you do the math with what’s happening at Oddworld Inhabitants, something of a game/movie tie-in might happen. You see, they’ve just made Larry Shapiro (formerly of Brash Entertainment) their president, so former president Lorne Lanning can concentrate on more creative endeavors. Shapiro’s former company Brash Entertainment is famous for movie/game tie-ins.

Oddworld Inhabitants Citizen Siege

“Guitar Hero World Tour” releases — with issues

This is a tad annoying. Remember hearing all those stories about people having trouble with “Guitar Hero World Tour” in the U.S. when it released last month? Well, you would think Activision would have sorted the issue out, given it was a hardware issue wherein a cymbal wouldn’t work. Well, apparently not: The game just released in Australia, and we got one and are having that very issue. A friend also bought it, and she too is having the same issue.

This has to be one for the lame books, given Activision was aware of the problem. “Guitar Hero World Tour” will get a full review on the next episode of Gay Girls Who Game.

Over at Lesbian Gamers we’re beavering away in the background, bringing all those game reviews up to date with new, easy-to-peruse menus and other cool stuff. There are new full written reviews of “BioShock” on the PS3, “Dead Space,” “Fable II” and more! (Where else online will you see “Dead Space” getting an “Angry Bette” rating, or “BioShock” receiving a Peggy Peabody?)

At Lesbian Geek, things are quieter, but we’re still bringing you lesbian geek news as we hear it, such as the new BBC series The Survivors seemingly suffering from dead and single lesbian syndrome.

Have a great gaming week!