Celesbians’ Top Albums of 2008

We asked several of our favorite women to name their favorite album of the year,
but some of them just couldn’t decide. So here is a list of their favorite
songs and albums of 2008, along with why they love them, in their own words.

Michelle Paradise (Top 5 Albums)

Photo credit: Mathew Imaging/Getty Images

1. Glasvegas, Glasvegas

Alternative. Amazing debut and a unique sound; very cool stuff.

2. Metric & Emily Haines, Digital Box

Indie Alt-Rock. Great collection of her/their music, from very mellow to total

3. Matthew Barber, Ghost Notes

Indie Folk-Rock. Gorgeous, poetic lyrics and a haunting, beautiful voice.
If you don’t know his music, you should.

4. Coldplay, Viva La Vida

Classic Coldplay, but definitely taken to the next level; gets better every
time I hear it.

5. B.B. King, One Kind Favor

Fantastic all the way around, and this is his 24th studio album! I was lucky
enough to see him perform live once and was blown away.

Shunda K of Yo Majesty (Top 10 Songs)

1. Yo Majesty "Never Be Afraid"

Why should you be?

2. Shunda K "What Is Love"

Love is everything and we damn sho need more of it.

3. Public Enemy "REVOLUTION"

It’s about dat time. Barak Obama fo yo mama.

4. Bla’que Pop "Raise Dat Child" f/ Shunda K

Listen for ya’self at www.myspace.com/blaquepop.

5. Josh Bloom "Getting Ahead"

Dis should be da opening track for every sitcom.

6. Rosetta Stoned "STAND" f/ Shunda K

If you don’t, nobody will stand for you.

7. KOTCHY "She Made It Easy"

I dedicate dis to all my exes. F–k dat s–t!

8. Raspberry Cocaine "Who’s Gona Stop Us" f/ Shunda K


9. PEACHES "Buck Ya Like Ah Billionaire" f/ Shunda K

We so nasty on dis track. Dats wassup!

10. DJ Orion "That’s My DJ" f/ Shunda K

And he produces, too. World look out for DJ Orion; it’s a