Celesbians’ Top Albums of 2008

Sara of Tegan and Sara (Top 10 Albums)

1. T.I., Paper Trail

Anything with Rihanna guesting is my kind of jam.

2. Ra Ra Riot, The Rhumb Line

Killer. Plus Tegan and I both love it — a small miracle when we both
like something.

3. No Age, Nouns

4. F—-d Up, The Chemistry of Common

Dallas, from
City and Colour, recommended this to me. I love it. Sometimes on the subway, it
makes me feel like I’m going to have an anxiety attack, but it helps with the
"taking two stairs at a time" vibe I have when I hit the streets.

5. Atlas Sound, Let The Blind Lead Those
Who Can See But Cannot Feel

Became a pre-show favorite for me. Calming, but also strange.

6. Flying Lotus, Flying Lotus

Similar to my feelings above – great pre-show music, for both me and the crowd.

7. An Horse, Rearrange Beds

Bias! I love this band.

8. Jennifer O’Connor, Here With Me

This is my morning tea music. Sometimes I imagine myself
stretching or lounging in a beam of sunlight, but generally just stare in
horror in my e-mail inbox and swill coffee down my throat.

9. Chad Vangaalen, Soft Airplane

His voice makes me feel like crying and his albums make me
think of snowshoeing.

10. Times New Viking, Rip it Off

Loud, fun.

Becky Kupersmith of Von Iva (Top 5

1. The Black Keys, Attack and Release

I’ve been a fan of the Black Keys for some time and this
record totally lives up to their past releases. Minimal, catchy
— it has a timeless quality.

2. Jazmine Sullivan, Fearless

She brings something new to old soul, and blows Amy
Winehouse and Duffy completely out of the water. I love her attitude and
spirit. Perfect for heartbreak.

3. Kylie Minogue, X

Kylie can do no wrong.

4. Kraak & Smaak, Plastic People

Quality dance music. I am not allowed to listen to this
while driving the van because I get all excited and start speeding!

5. NNCK, Clomeim

I’m not trying to be pretentious, but this record is
freaking amazing. If you need something to stimulate your mind as well as your
heart and soul, then check them out.

Rachael Cantu (Top 2 Albums)

1. Passion Pit, Chunk Of Change

This may be one of the most addicting group of songs ever
created. Try to not dance to this; just try.

2. Antony & the Johnsons, Another

Heaven is a voice and it goes by the name of Antony. Antony
has one of the most honest, unique and intriguing voices I have ever heard, and
it blows my mind every time.