The return of Lady Sovereign

Remember Lady Sovereign, the tiny British rapper with the side ponytail who was signed by Jay-Z, managed to snag the top spot in the now-defunct television show TRL with her single “Love Me Or Hate Me,” set off a few gaydars, angered a jelly donut, sparked a few “is-she-chav-or-not” debates, and then promptly fell off the face of the earth?

Those who do recall the pint-sized rapper will be excited to learn that she will be releasing a new album, Jigsaw, in April. A new single, “I Got You Dancing,” is already available, with a new video having been released last week. Note: the side ponytail has gone missing.

The video for “I Got You Dancing,” features several backup dancers in Native American drag and others in green makeup and football pads. The video was reportedly inspired by the 1979 street gang film “The Warriors” (or perhaps, taking into account Sov’s age, it may have been inspired by the video game based on the film).

Although not as accessible as “Love Me Or Hate Me,” I found it to be catchy in a quirky way. It contains the curious blips and bleeps and guttural bass lines reminiscent of Sov’s earlier work in the grime genre. You can download the single and watch the video for “I Got You Dancing” on Lady Sovereign’s MySpace page.

So what do you think? Infectious? Annoying? Abhorrent? Too weird for words? And does anyone still care?