The Weekly Geek: Webby Season

I was all set to gush about how cool this fan-made Lord of the Rings film looked (for those who equate “fan film” with “I shot this on my 1986 camcorder and dressed my dog as an orc” you’ll be quite surprised), but then I realized that the Webby Awards had been announced, and my inner web geek is far stronger than my inner Lord of the Rings fangirl, so here we are.

Though you can glance at the full list of winners for yourself, there are quite a few very cool women-oriented highlights that stood out to me.

On top of the list was The International Women’s Media Foundation and, which earned the People’s Voice Award for “Best Association” and the overall award in the legal category, respectively. The IWMF Network is all about “strengthening the role of women in the news media worldwide as a means to further freedom of the press” a statement that makes this geek blogger very proud and happy for the existence of the Webby awards in general. On that note, offers legal information and advice to disadvantaged women throughout the US.

I have to say, I wasn’t expecting much when I saw that AXE had won the Webby for its “100 Girls” ad, thinking it would be in keeping with Axe’s usual lame-o tactics, but this one actually turned the tables, with a real-time panel of 100 women judging men’s appearances. Score one for semi-feminism.

Also worth noting was the nomination of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in the fashion category (for purely academic reasons, of course).

And as a good Boston girl, I have to mention the Boston Globe’s (which has survived, by the way) win for “Best Photography” with its Big Picture site.

Nerds of all descriptions should be happy to note that the personal website category was dominated by My Star Wars Collection from Joshua Budich which is a mind-blowing collection of Star Wars toys served up with a teeny-tiny dose of self-deprecating humor. If you know whom, say Ashla and Jempa are, then you will either be very pleased or very jealous at the glorious sight of all those little plastic figures. (They were the little Jedi Trainees from Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Don’t ever doubt the power of Star Wars to bring out the geek cred.)

You can literally spend hours perusing all of the entertaining, interesting, beautifully designed sites on the list (as I did, in the name of research). I’m increasingly finding the Webby’s to be much more exciting than any other award’s list out there — if only we could get a “lesbian geek column” award on there. Maybe next year.