A men’s tailor in the UK uses power lesbians to sell his suits

London-based tailor Sir Tom Baker has been trying to go “viral” with a lesbian advertisement for his tailoring services for weeks now. Unfortunately, the video hasn’t been spreading the way he had hoped, but we think it’s definitely worth sharing.

The video, which is set to a French song that I really need to find, starts out like with hot, barely-dressed, models having a pillow and seltzer fight in a lushly decorated room. Sleazy? Sort of, but I kept watching (and my girlfriend was all “Let me see that!”). The video then backtracks to how this sexy fight began, with the women tearing off each other’s three-piece suits.

The ad appears to be for a line of Baker’s suits, which could mean he is attempting to arouse men that would purchase the suits by exploiting lesbians. But, my natural feminist instincts backed off a bit on this. The women look extremely hot in the suits, and their interaction at the end of the video is very gay. Not the kind of gay that generally appeases your average, straight frat boy, either.

Style.com was one of the few sites that mentioned the video, shared their thoughts:

“The effect is a little jolting — as if a Maxim shoot spooled backwards into a k.d. lang video — but if that’s the sort of thing you’re into, happy Monday, guv.”

You should watch it yourself and see what you think. I think Mr. Baker’s suits are quite nice, but maybe I need to watch again just to be sure.