Jillian Michaels celebrates Women Riders Month in “Vanity Fair”

The thing I love about Twitter is that is allows me to be even more obsessed — I mean, kept up to date — with my favorite celebs. A prime example: If it weren’t for the immediate 140-character max updates made possible by the micro-blogging/social media phenomenon, I would never know what Jillian Michaels was up to outside of The Biggest Loser. (BTW, did you all catch the finale this week? Helen was amazing! Not enough Jillian, though, in my opinion.)

But, since I’m a total stalker (internet-only, not that creepy), I’ve learned in the last couple weeks from following Jillian that she was just part of a special Harley-Davidson photo shoot/campaign that’ll appear in the June issue of Vanity Fair to celebrate May’s Women Riders Month. Hot!

Photo by Art Streiber

Jewel, Tricia Helfer and Deborah DiMiceli are also part of the campaign, which aims to encourage women to try out riding two-wheels. (I just got a road bike, so it’ll be a while before I even think about a motorcycle. Unless Jillian is giving lessons any time soon.)

If I’d just been watching Biggest Loser alone, I would have never known Jillian was into motorcycles. But, thanks to her tweeting about her recent interview with Time magazine, found out she’s way into bikes. In fact, she has five. In addition to a Harley, she owns a KTM 990 Superduke, Ducati 848, Ducati Desmosedici and a Yamaha SZ1000.

Apparently, there are only 500 Desmosedicis in the United States, and Jillian told the magazine she’s the only woman in the world who has one. “And of course my ego is so happy [about that] I can barely stand it,” she said.

Other things I’ve learned from following Jillian:

She met Cesar Milan (aka The Dog Whisperer) a couple weeks ago. Together, they rode her horse, Buzz, and hung out with her adorable dog, Seven.

She was at the 3rd Annual International Female Ride Day on May 1, in Rochelle Park, NJ.

And, perhaps most importantly, I learned from Jillian’s Twitter updates that she’s going to be in Chicago tomorrow for Self magazine’s Work Out in the Park, where she’ll lead exercises on the main stage in Grant Park from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and sign copies of her new book, Master Your Metabolism. She’ll be

Thanks for the tweets, Jill. I have my Saturday planned.