Women in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest Final

The 54th annual Eurovision Song Contest Final is taking place in Moscow this weekend. In this Olympics-meets-American Idol competition, people from 42 countries will vote via text messages on their favorite musician/band, (which has been winnowed down to 25 finalists), and the public vote, along with the jury vote (they account for 50% each), will determine the ultimate winner.

I’ve pulled together photos of some of the women who are competing in the finals this year rehearsing for the big night — European readers, tell us who your favorites are, and who you think will win this year!

Malena Ernman (Sweden)

Inga & Anush (Armenia)

Nelly Ciobanu (Moldova)

Jade Ewan (UK)

Kejsi Tola (Albania)

Chiara (Malta)

Patricia Kaas (France)

Hadise (Turkey)

Noa & Mira Awad (Israel)

Flor-de-lis (Portugal)

Elena (Romania)

Sandra Nurmsalu of Urban Symphony (Estonia)

Soraya (Spain)

Yohanna (Iceland)

Anastasia Prikhodko (Russia)

Sventlana Loboda (Ukraine)

Alex Swings Oscars Sings! with Dita von Teese (Germany)

Learn more about the finalists at European lesbian site EurOut.org &#8212 and check out their liveblog of the event on Saturday!