Peaches collaborates with Shunda K and brings the hits on her new album

The queen of electro-rock raunch, Peaches is back in full father-effing-effect with her latest album, I Feel Cream. My goodness, this is a fantastic album — oh goodness, I’m gonna say it — her best (SNAP!).

What makes this album the top dog of all Peaches albums in my collection, is that it is a perfect amalgam of all her previous albums. It combines the low-fi electroclash she came out with in 2000’s The Teaches of Peaches, the more perfected electro-beats of FatherF—er and some of the hard rocking sickness that made up Impeach My Bush.

If there’s one thing you can expect from a Peaches album, it’s a smorgasbord of hysterical but altogether thought provoking lyricism. This album is no different. Some of my favorites: “Show stopper, panty dropper, everybody’s favorite shocker.”

Something you don’t expect, but ends up being a surprise hit is the sentimental “Lose You”, which shows Peaches vulnerable side. It’s the kind of sexy-sad song you’d expect more from The Postal Service or her old roommate Feist.

Another hit is the Shunda K (Yo Majesty) collaboaration on “Billionaire” and the Soulwax produced “Talk to Me.”

Peaches is going on tour to promote this album and if there is any chance you are able to see her, do it. She is one of the most electrifying performers to hit the stage. Of course, if you’re a prude or have incredibly virginal eyes you may want to ease yourself into things by renting some soft-core porn.

And if you’re not familiar with Peaches or her music, you can watch a mini-documentary about the history of the woman and artist on her website.