Snoop Dogg and Bobby Valentino get behind “Girl Gotta Girlfriend”

Mams Taylor is a relatively new artist but working alongside music industry big-wigs like Snoop Dogg and Bobby Valentino is one way to get noticed. Another way? Sing a song about a hot girl who kisses other girls. (Hey, it worked for Katy Perry, and so many others.)

Taylor sings on a new track called “Girl Gotta Girlfriend,” in which he notes that the fact “really turns him on.” Seriously, that’s the hook.

Here are some choice lyrics and pictures from the video shoot:

My girlfriend kissing on her girlfriend / They getting real naughty

My money is cool, but I’d rather have you and my girlfriend running around my crib naked.

And then Snoop comes in:

The fact that you got a girlfriend is cool with me.

Oh good! Is this some gay marriage support perhaps?

Now how about both ya’ll groove with me.

Oh, nope. Sigh. Just another threesome invite.

But my favorite part comes toward the end. And by favorite, I mean the worst part:

I love the way you and my girlfriend get along / I love the way you and my girlfriend get it on.

Lesbians: We are just here for your pleasure. Do you have money and some champagne and a hotel room? Just tell us where and when!

Taylor recently told of the song’s “inspiration”:

Every guy wants that kinda situation and if you go out to the clubs in Hollywood all the girls are making out. It seems as though Katy Perry and Lindsay Lohan really had an influence on that so I thought I’d write about it.

Because this is a fairly catchy tune with two hit makers behind it, I fear “Girl Gotta Girlfriend” could become a highly-played track this summer. Let’s hope it’s not at Pride or other pro-gay events, because I’d rather not give play to songs that perpetuate the stereotype that we’re all just looking for that right man.

If you want to hear songs about lesbians, I can give you some way better suggestions. At least Weezer‘s Rivers Cuomo got it when he sang “Pink Triangle”:

I’m dumb shes a lesbian / I thought I had found the one / We were good as married in my mind/ But married in my mind’s no good / A pink triangle on her sleeve / Let me know the truth.

What do you think of “Girl Gotta Girlfriend?”