The Weekly Geek: Comic Chic

You know, it can be lonely being a geek. Sometimes the so-called “normal” folks of the world look at you as if it’s somehow weird to do things like worship Katee Sackhoff and drool over new gadgets and gizmos.

Well, just yesterday I read something that should hearten us all: Megan Fox, of the Transformers flicks, just told The Hollywood Insider that she’s a total comic book nerd:

My sister used to collect comics when I was a kid, so I got obsessed with it through her. And I really like to draw so I’m obsessed with a lot of the artists that do comic books. It’s just a good world. It makes me feel good. I love Comic Con. I loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was such a big part of my childhood. I just enjoy it. I don’t know.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, geek-haters! When a gorgeous, successful young actress can profess her love for such wonderfully dorky literature, you know we’ve made progress in this world. Elsewhere in the interview, she mentioned her role in Diablo Cody’s new film, Jennifer’s Body, about a semi-lesbian, demon-possessed 16-year-old — but that’s a post for another day.

It’s actually almost chic to like comics nowadays, with a new major motion picture based on a graphic novel launching seemingly every other week. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment when superheroes went from being schlocky genre fare to mainstream, “tent pole” flicks, but I’d say it was around X-Men, with last year’s ultra-smash The Dark Knight completely sealing the deal.

And while the superhero movie genre has yet to give us many truly compelling female leads, it’s certainly gifted us with some ass-kicking ladies in spandex. Now that’s something we can all get behind, right? From Watchmen’s Silk Spectre (Malin Akerman) to the X-Men series female half of the cast (there’s really no choosing), I salute the notion. Now, where on earth is Wonder Woman?

Finally, I’d like to address an event that occurred this week, just in case you missed it. Dedicated Trek fans will be coming off of theirRomulan Ale hangovers from Captain Picard Day (June 16), which I’m in favor of extending to Captain Picard Week. Actually, I’m thinking a Captain Janeway day may be in order for the more Sapphicly inclined Trekkers. I’m all for starting one up — complete with readings from fan fiction authors and a few fan videos. Who’s with me?