Jenna Fischer, Ashanti and Shawn Johnson play ball

Tonight is the Major League Baseball All-Star game in St. Louis, which is super important because it means yesterday was the Taco Bell All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game — and that means some of our favorite female celebrities got to show off their athletic chops in major league uniforms.

The Office‘s Jenna Fischer and 24‘s Annie Wersching, both St. Louis natives, received a standing ovation at Busch Stadium yesterday, even after fans had waited out a four-hour rain delay.

At an impromptu press conference during the thunderstorms, Fischer told reporters about what it was like growing up as a Cardinals fan:

When I was a little girl, during the 1982 World Series, I wrote a poem and called into the radio station and they let me read it on the air. It was [like] “Roses are red, violets are blue, Cardinals — something.

How funny! I have written a similar poem for Fischer: Roses are red, violets are blue, Pam Beesely is awesome, and I love you.

Annie Wersching was in celebri-shock being surrounded by former Cardinals greats Vince Coleman and Ozzie Smith: “I’ll have to sacrifice bunt then and get Vince over to third, right?” she said. “But, I mean I did play in junior high for a team called Lucky Sluggers.

R&B singer Ashanti participated in the game to help raise money for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

And Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson joined her in representing the National League. Johnson had maybe the worst batting form I have ever seen in my life, but she wowed the crowd with some gymnastic moves between innings, flipping around on the field like it was a trampoline.

It’s a tough choice, but if I had to pick a team, I’d probably play for the American League. It’s not that I like Fischer and Wersching better; it’s just that my number one feeling in life is winning. And the American League celebrity team played softball like a bunch of girls, by which I mean they were awesome.

Which celebrities would you team up with, given the chance?