New Music Tuesday: 11-3-09

So much great new music is out today. Let’s get into it!!

Kate EarlKate Earl (Universal Republic)

Kate Earl has a great R&B, pop-reggaeton sound and an interesting background. She grew up in Alaska, the daughter of a Dutch/Welsh father and Filipino motherl and would sing in her parents’ gas station as a child (she’s already cooler than Jewel in my book).

When she could, she finally flew out to L.A. and started making a name for herself. Now she’s friends with the boys in Maroon 5 and currently touring the country with them. (Oh, and she’s totally hot. What is it about aggressive bangs and the ability to play harmonica that I find so attractive?) You can stream her entire album at her website.

Carrie UnderwoodPlay On (Arista)

Even though my ex once sang "Before He Cheats" while staring at me at a karaoke bar (after we had broken up and boy, was it awkward) I’m still excited for Carrie’s latest album. I’m not usually into country but it’s impossible to deny she’s got a great voice. Besides, most of her stuff is pop-country so it doesn’t really count.

AmerieIn Love & War (Island Def Jam)

Oddly enough, it was only yesterday that I finally saw an Amerie video and it was on Logo’s Pop Lab. This is her fourth studio album so she must be doing something right.

Girls In TroubleGirls in Trouble (Jdub Records)

For the more gothic-folksy music-lovers, Girls in Trouble is an exciting new band to get into. They’ve dedicated the songs on their debut album to the women of the Bible. I am not one to go to any theological seminars, but the album is packed with impressive storytelling and the great voice of frontwoman/violinist Alicia Jo Rabins.

Serena RyderIs It O.K. (Atlantic Records)

Serena Ryder’s voice has both a masculine and feminine quality that I think a lot of us gal pals can appreciate. To me, she sounds like Melissa Etheridge meets Melissa Ferrick while they perform a rock ‘n roll cover of a bluegrass song. She’s already big in Canada and has taken home the 2008 Juno prize for Best New Artist and this latest release has won the Adult Alternative Album of the Year.

Did I miss anything that absolutely needs to be talked about? Sure, there’s new music from Julian Casablancas, Yeasayer and Vagina Panther, but who else?