Greg Rucka gives us a lesbian detective in “Stumptown”

Greg Rucka, the writer responsible for Detective Comics‘ relaunch of the baddest-ass Batwoman in history, is adding another lesbian to the comic book canon — this time in his own series, Stumptown.

Stumptown is a pulpy PI story that follows down-on-her-luck gambler/private investigator Dex as she tries to wiggle her way out of debt and keep her PI firm, Stumptown Investigations, from going bankrupt. When Rucker opens on Dex, though, her firm seems like the least of her worries.

(It’d be the least of my worries too, if I was stuffed into the trunk of the car.)

The hoodlums pull a gun on Dex, and we get a one-page spread of her falling off a bridge. Then: flashbacks.

It turns out that Dex is into the Confederated Tribes of the Wind Coast for 17 grand. Sue-Lynne, the leader of Wind Coast, has agreed to forgive Dex’s debt if she can use her PI skills to locate Sue-Lynne’s granddaughter.

Dex doesn’t get far into her investigation before she is apprehended by the gun-wielding thugs from the opening pages.

Greg Rucka writes strong, authentic, fully-formed female characters better than anyone in the industry these days. Dex fits that profile perfectly. She has great PI instincts; she’s the primary care-taker for her mentally-handicapped brother; she has a sexy classic car that she adores, and an absolute penchant for trouble.

One of my favorite things about Stumptown was the pre-release marketing. In addition to the “Yellow Pages” adds (like the one below on the right) Rucker released flyers advertising Dex’s firm, Stumptown Investigations.

Go ahead and call that number. Seriously. It’s 503-389-2135.

Each of Stumptown‘s cases will play out over four issues. I can’t wait to watch this series unfold, and meet the other women in Dex’s life.

Stumptown‘s first issue hit shelves yesterday. Do you plan to pick it up at your comic shop?