Meredith Baxter has a memoir on the way

I’m sure that by now Meredith Baxter’s kitchen is teeming with toaster ovens.

But we got word this week that she’s getting a bonus: A book deal from Random House’s Crown Publishing Group. The Broadway Books imprint of the publisher has an agreement with Baxter for a memoir in which she “will present a fully realized portrait of her life as an actress, mother of five children, and grandmother, and will candidly discuss her fight with breast cancer, her 19 years of sobriety, entrepreneurship, and her decision to come out.”

If the book is half as involved as its description, we’re in for a long read. Not that I’m complaining.

The deal is just one more affirmation in an outpouring of support for Baxter since she came out as a lesbian a few weeks ago. Celebs ranging from Family Ties hubby Michael Gross to Rosie O’Donnell have applauded Baxter’s decision to come out and expressed delight that she has found happiness with her partner of four years, Nancy Locke.

A new rumor has been making the rounds the past few days: that Baxter and Locke are planning to get married either in Canada or Massachusetts in the near future. We’ll have to wait for confirmation, but I must say I love seeing our Elyse bring a whole new meaning to “family ties.”

Are you interested in reading Meredith Baxter’s bio? Any ideas for a title?