New Music Tuesday: 5-4-2010

Oh what a day it has been already! I’m extra tired from having a little too fun over at Trish Bendix’s place while recording our next Chick Habit podcast. This morning, in my sleepy state, I accidentally drank coffee that had fiber in it. Let’s hope I can make it to the end of this post because today is filled with a lot of great new music.

Court Yard HoundsCourt Yard Hounds (Sony Music)

Today’s top spot is being given to two out of the three Dixie Chicks for the simple fact that there have been two major coming out stories from the country community lately. While (sadly) none of the Dixie Chicks are gay, they have always stood up for what they believe in, even when their opinions basically blacklisted them from the country community. I believe it’s fair to say their badassery helped pave the way for other country folk to feel comfortable standing up for who they are. Music-wise, the Court Yard Hounds sound like a less-gritty Sheryl Crow

Chely WrightLifted Off The Ground (Vanguard Records)

She’s here, she’s queer, get used to it! If you are a fan of country or just want to show some support, buy it.

TrinaAmazin (Slip N Slide Records)

Trina is easily one of the hottest MCs out there and she’s ready, willing and able to take over some new ears with her fifth album. Along for the ride are Diddy (doing his oft annoying call outs), Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Nikki Minaj and Lady Saw as co-MCs and Monica and Keri Hilson lending vocals.

Lisa PapineauRed Trees (Sargent House/Enja-Yellowbird/Lunaticworks)

I have only just stumbled upon Papineau’s music and am loving it. Her voice is sexy and she’s got an understated indie electronic vibe going for her a la The xx and Tracy + The Plastics. She is also the songwriter and vocalist for the band Big Sir and has lent her vocals to the likes of Air, M83 and P.O.D..

Toni BraxtonPulse (Atlantic Recording)

If you have ever been a fan of Toni, you’ll fall in love with this album. Her voice sounds better than ever and she is looking hotter than ever. Who cares if she didn’t win Dancing with The Stars? Her first single, “Yesterday,” is hot!

The LocalsSalt (self-released)

Trish Bendix and I were very pleased to be able to go to the CD release party for my friends and rad music makers The Locals last Friday. They’ve got a polished rock sound and can even play through a show with two women making sweet, sweet love on Yvonne’s foot as she was singing and playing guitar. If that isn’t grace, I’m not sure what is.

The ShondesMy Dear One (Fanatic Records)

Not all of you may know what Klezmer music is but it sounds a bit like a carnie orchestra, only prettier and less dark. So, when you take the traditional Jewish music that is Klezmer and combine it with ’90s riot grrrl growls, you’ve got The Shondes and I’ve got another band to play Jewish geography with and invite over for Shabbat dinner.

Honorable Mentions: Nathaniel Rateliff, Josh Ritter, The Hold Steady, Free Energy, Mike Patton, New Young Pony Club, Rene Lopez, The New Pornographers, The Most Serene Republic, Minus The Bear and The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt (for their name, obviously).