An interview with Hesta Prynn

Do you remember that band called Northern State? It’s only been three years since their last record — excuse me, their final record — Can I Keep This Pen, was released. I highly doubt that in that short amount of time you could have forgotten about the white girl rap trio from Long Island who were signed to Columbia Records and gained media acclaim from the likes of Rolling Stone.

Yep, that’s the one! The little band that coulda, woulda shoulda been the next Beastie Boys (Girls) but weren’t. Hey now, that doesn’t mean the music wasn’t awesome or that they didn’t have it in them, it just means it didn’t happen. You know what, s–t happens and we move on — and that’s just what Julie Potash aka Hesta Prynn has done, moved on.

Recently picked as the New York Post’s artist to watch in 2010, Hesta Prynn has been working in the studio on her first full-length solo record. She is a woman with a mission, and trust me when I say there really is no stopping this fast talkin’, loud singing, hot dancing vamp.

Photos by Lindsey Byrnes

Her solo music is very different from Northern State. Taking a leave of absence from hip-hop, her new sound is more electro with pop-punk thrown in for good measure. Hesta recently talked with us working on her solo debut and her new tour with Tegan and Sara. When are you going to finish your new record?
Hesta Prynn:
We finally finished recording on Sunday night! We are currently sequencing and deciding which songs for sure will and will not be on it, naming it and stuff. There’s like 15 completed tracks total. It’s dope.

AE: What can we expect, how many tracks? Any cool collaborations?
The record will likely be 10 tracks. In the meantime we’re going to release a 7″ that will feature a cool collaboration that we’ll be announcing soon. I collaborated with some NYC peeps like my fave band Bear Hands and Tim Harrington from Les Savy Fav. Some amazing musicians are on the record too. Producer Chuck Brody is my musical partner on all of the tracks.

AE: What has Sara Quin’s involvement with the record been?
Sara is my emotional backbone! Seriously she was great at urging me to really focus on my own music and encouraged me every step of the way. She came to town to work on some of the recordings and mixes with us. Her ideas are all amazing and she’s an artist through and through but also thinks like a businesswoman and business owner so her advice is invaluable. I can’t wait to be back on tour with her, she is basically the most talented person I know.