New Music Tuesday: 5-25-2010

Oh my goodness you guys! It’s new music Tuesday and the Biggest Loser season finale. I need to think about what I’m going to binge on tonight while I root for anyone but Koli to win. Something about him just rubs me the wrong way. I’m hoping my homeboy Michael takes it all.

First Aid KitThe Big Black & Blue (Wichita Recordings)

Today’s top spot goes to two sisters from Stockholm who break my heart with their harmonies. I was on a big Swedish kick last year thanks to these two and their pal Anna Ternheim. Since this is their debut album in the states, you may not recognize their name but hopefully have been one of the lucky ones to see their cover of the Fleet Foxes jam, “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song,” which I actually prefer to the original. I also love their aggressive bangs.

Marina And The DiamondsThe Family Jewels (Atlantic)

Coming in at a close second (though not on the same side of the musical scale) is Marina and the Diamonds. She is primed to be one of the next alterna-pop princesses. Some parts electronic, some parts politics, some parts balladry. You could pour her syrupy voice on top of your pancakes and eat em up good. Some of my faves include “Hollywood” and “Mowgli’s Road.”

Karen ElsonThe Ghost Who Walks (Third Man Records)

I hate having to say that Karen Elson is Jack White’s wife, but I can’t deny his name brings clout. Also, anything he touches seems to turn to gold and I have a feeling they touch a lot. Elson’s voice is soft, sometimes distant; slithers out with a small amount of venom. The production is just as you would expect it to be from Jack White’s fingertips. Overall, not a powerhouse, but really not bad!

Sara Jackson HolmanWhen You Dream (Expunged Records)

I am a sucker for Sara’s voice. It makes me think of an ’40s lounge singer bouncing her hips next to a piano. For lovers of Regina Spektor and Joan As Policewoman, you will quickly fall for Sara.

Leela JamesMy Soul (Stax Records)

If you are looking for a powerful female voice filled with soul, look no further than Leela James. She’ll have you up out your seat waving your arms in the air screaming “Preach!” And yes, I have done it myself, so don’t judge.

EmiiMagic EP (Slippery Eel Productions)

I am not opposed to putting musicians up here just because I think they’re hot. I was going to do that with Emii but then I listened to her music and it’s just as good as anything the Pussycat Dolls have put out, so you all might like it! Also, she seems to hate auto-tune as much as I do, which makes me love her.

Honorable Mentions: David Cross, the True Blood soundtrack, Stone Temple Pilots and Kristin Hersh.

Who did I miss?