New Music Tuesday: 9-21-2010

Good afternoon ya’ll, the weather in Chicago is playing with my emotions this week! It’s gone from hot to cold and back to hot more times than my first lesbian relationship. This week’s releases are a bit all over the map but I think you’ll find a few gems for any music lover’s taste.

The Hundred in The HandsThe Hundred in The Hands (Warp Records)

This Brooklyn-based indie electro-pop duo has managed to put together an album that is just upbeat enough to keep me going while their dreamy (almost Cure-esque) vocals massage my ovaries and make the hurt go away. Yes, I said it. For that, and for their ability to meld punk, electro, industrial and pop into a cohesive and tangible album, they have earned the top spot.

Laetitia SadierThe Trip (Drag City)

Stereolab fans will be happy to know frontwoman Laetitia Sadier has what it takes to make a solid solo album. Unfortunately, The Trip was written as part of her grieving process after the suicide of her younger sister, Noelle. I cannot understand most of the lyrics she is singing but the melody with which they are being sung seem to span many different emotions — perhaps just like the seven stages of grief? The album itself is beautiful and very very French. In fact, I think I’m going to have a glass of wine and a cigarette before I go any further.

ShontelleNo Gravity (Universal Records)

I’m a newbie when it comes to Shontelle but her R&B grooves with some electro-pop massaging are really good! Her production team has worked with the likes of the queen, Mary J. Blige, Moesha Brandy, LiLo, Justin Bieber and Travie McCoy — and you can definitely hear it. On a sidenote, can we please all agree not to call Travis McCoy “Travie”? I just can’t stand it.

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