Pink loves a lesbian wedding

Pink wants to get your party started – your wedding party. The singer and all-around badass is looking for a real-life same-sex couple to marry in her upcoming video for “Raise Your Glass.” I will raise more than a glass to that.

In a radio interview with In:Demand, Pink said the video for her new single will celebrate gay marriage and the underdog in general. The idea came from hosting her best friend’s same-sex ceremonies.

I threw my best friend’s wedding in my backyard who is gay and she married her wife and it was absolutely beautiful. At the end of it her mom said, “Why can’t this be legal?” and started crying. It was just the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever seen and so that’s why I’m doing it in the video.

Proving that she is true to her word, MTV reports that the following casting notice has been making the rounds:

REAL GAY COUPLE Lead Male or Female / 18 to 30 / All Ethnicities Seeking real gay couples. Pink is going to be marrying you!

That “Pink is going to be marrying you” part may be a slight exaggeration, since in the radio interview said she won’t do the actual officiating. She apparently started shooting the video last week, so the couple may have already been cast.

This is, of course, not Pink’s first foray into GLBT solidarity. She has had other songs and videos that got same-sexual including the Peaches duet on “Oh My God” and her doppelganger lust in the “Sober” video. Her touching George W. Bush-era song, “Dear Mr. President,” includes the line: “And what kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay?”

Over the weekend, Pink was honored at the 14th annual Human Rights Campaign National Dinner with the Ally for Equality Award. Bette Midler presented the honor. See Bette’s introduction and Pink’s one part hilarious, one part adorable, one part heartfelt speech here.


I’ve been a long-time Pink fan. She is an outspoken and unabashed supporter of LGBT rights and a great gal to have on our side. Also, damn, those abs. In summation: We loved us some Pink before, we really, really love us some Pink now. I think I speak for almost everyone when I say, I can’t wait to see the video.