Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Giselle Rosselli, Sea of Bees, The Pierces and more

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! It was pouring this morning and I think I may have chosen a lot of today’s artists based on how well they play in my ears when I’m looking out of huge windows watching droplets stream down them. There are, of course, a few exceptions – like Rye Rye for example. This might be up there with my favorite list of women featured on here so far; I hope you all agree.

The Pierces

File Under: Dark rock with heavy bass lines and voices from two sisters that seem to put a spell on your ears
From: Alabama
For Fans Of: Queens of the Stone Age, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Neko Case, music that will touch your soul
Bonus: Holy crap I didn’t even realize they were the singers who made the hauntingly beautiful intro to Pretty Little Liars (which I first heard on Gossip Girl)

The Concretes

File Under: Warm weather pop disco that might even be perfect for line dancing
From: Sweden
For Fans Of: The touch, the feel of cotton, She & Him doing a Saturday Night Fever cover album, Snow Machine, petting puppies
Bonus: The band is giving away a free download from their forthcoming album, WYWH.

Rosie Burgess Trio

File Under: Jazzy indie folk with electronic violin
From: Melbourne
For Fans Of: Ani Difranco, The Ditty Bops, the devil coming down to Georgia and being a lot cooler than he was fifty years ago, PETA, Barenaked Ladies
Bonus: OK, bonus for me, not a bonus for all of you but OMG their accents are just about the cutest thing I’ve experienced. (HT to AE reader Cactusflower for this one.)

Sea of Bees

File Under: Folk pop that is as dreamy as it is haunting in a similar but very different way as Hope Sandoval
From: California
For Fans Of: Flannel, wooded areas, Metric, Mazzy Star, Audrey Niffenegger novels
Bonus: Her record label is giving away a free download of her tune, "Marmalade."

Rye Rye

File Under: Exotic erotic juke it low music with a little grime
From: Baltimore
For Fans Of: Neon, M.I.A., Thunderheist, Cool Kids, The Pack
Bonus: Thanks to my girl Sheena Beaston, you can download this fresh track, “Witch Doctor."