Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Otep, Patricia Racette, The Lost Bois and more

It’s another glorious Wednesday and I’ve got 10 more artists who make my heart go pitter-patter. Seriously, every week I am shocked at how many incredible musicians there are to choose from and the list just keeps on growing.

Britta Persson

File Under: Power indie pop that isn’t afraid to travel to the dark side
From: Sweden
For Fans Of: Warpaint, Those Dancing Days, keeping it real, Daria, cable-knit sweaters.
Bonus: While her third album, Affair Medium Rare is only available in Scandinavia right now, you can have it shipped wherever you live. You can also download a free mp3 of her song “Meet a Bear” at her website.


File Under: One of my favorites, raunchy, political, sexual, punk, rapper, electronic, born of unicorns and sex toys.
From: Canada
For Fans Of: Chilly Gonzales, Princess Superstar, sex dens run by theater geeks, fringe on your spandex leotard.
Bonus: Peaches is currently putting on her original stage production, Peaches Christ Superstar, in Germany but will be bringing it to a few select states in the U.S. this December. Here’s a download of her cover of Suicide’s "Jonny."

The Lost Bois

File Under: Queer emcees exploring issues of race and sexuality and doing it with style. Also I think I might be in love with B. Steady. (Girl, you are so fly.)
From: D.C.
For Fans Of: Lauryn Hill, TLC, being affectionate, Adidas, The Roots, kissing, butter cream frosting.
Bonus: Check out B. Steady’s song a day project on YouTube, but keep in mind that I have dibs. Like seriously, I’m a little smitten right now.

Peggy Sue

File Under: Alterna-blues with indie folk accompaniment and it is glorious and sexy and makes me want to write a film-noir screenplay.
From: UK
For Fans Of: First Aid Kit, Kate Nash, Thao with The Get Down Stay Down, bowler hats, vintage dresses, The Unbearable Lightness of Being.
Bonus: I actually found these ladies when I was trolling Kate Nash’s MySpace page and, it turns out, they’re about to go on tour with her.