Pink “Raise Your Glass” video arrives with a gay wedding, nuns and more

Raise your glass because Pink’s video for “Raise Your Glass” is finally here. The superstar had promised an ode to the underdog and delivered with a video chock full of interesting imagery and exuberant exaltations.

The video also featured, as promised, a same-sex wedding scene as well as Pink sympathizing with some non-human underdogs and looking very Lisbeth Salander. Take a look.


So much was happening there. First, let’s get to the gay stuff. The big “gay wedding” scene is short, but features a kiss between the two grooms.

Then later in the video Pink wakes up in bed with a nun. I’m not 100 percent sure how waking up naked with a series of religious figures relates to underdog status, but it is certainly provocative.

Other underdog salutes went to a girl surrounded by cardboard cutouts of skinny models and a nerd dancing at his prom. She sumo wrestles a big money fat cat and slays a bullfighter. And then there are those scenes in the dairy where she feeds a calf human breast milk.

So, what do you think? Are you raising your glass? Appreciate Pink’s inclusion of gays among the underdogs? Confused by the milk? Or should we just shut up and dance?