Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Ciara, Tanya Davis, Mia Dyson and more

She Keeps Bees

File Under: Simple lo-fi Southern rock, indie girl/boy band with no bass but enough soul to keep things awesome.
From: Washington D.C.
For Fans Of: Heartless Bastards, gloves with the tops of the fingers cut off, Holly Miranda, The White Stripes, Cat Power’s You Are Free album
Bonus: Grab a copy of their live performance at NYC’s Rock Shop.


File Under: Sexy hip pop to move your hips to and put a smile on your face
From: Hotlanta
For Fans Of: Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake, high heels, hard bodies, Beyonce, stocking caps.
Bonus: She blessed us all with her video for "Like A Boy."

Jen Cloher & The Endless Sea

File Under: Singer-songwriter with a soft and gentle voice that envelopes you like a cardigan.
From: Melbourne
For Fans Of: Fiona Apple’s slower songs, Laura Marling, rainy lazy Sunday afternoons on the couch with a good book
Bonus: (Hat tip to Brooke for the suggestion!) Here is a free download of her song, “Hidden Hands."

Brigitte Aphrodite

File Under: Alterna-art grime that is a bit of an acquired taste but she’s got a great sense of humor.
From: UK
For Fans Of: Lily Allen, The Streets, French & Saunders, Flight of the Concords, silly bandz
Bonus: AE reader Tea&Toast gave us this great recommendation.

Shilpa Ray and her Happy Hookers

File Under: Upbeat rockabilly with emphasis on the rock and a nod to klezmer
From: Brooklyn
For Fans Of: Gang Gang Dance, Thao, Nico Vega, Tom’s of Maine natural cleaners, The Runaways, road bikes, jorts.
Bonus: Download her raucously fun jam, "Beating St. Louis."

Tanya Davis

File Under: Sleepy singer-songwriter with who crafts some great poetry.
From: Nova Scotia (and you can hear her cute little Canadian accent when she sings)
For Fans Of: Julie Doiron, Forest City Lovers, spending hours at cafes, needlepoint, tabby cats, French films
Bonus: She plays for our team! Also, hat tip to AE reader Music Loves Me for the introduction.

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