Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Sierra Swan, Rockettothesky, EZ Tiger and more

We’ve made it to another round of women to listen to! Let’s get it.

Happy Wednesday everybody! Somehow I woke up ready and raring to go today – perhaps I was still on a sugar high from the homemade caramel corn made by my new friends at the Feast of Fun podcast, Fausto and Marc. Your favorite (I hope) little chubby gay Jewish music lover was a guest on their show last night and I had a great time. Let’s get on to the music now shall we?

The Hundred in the Hands

File Under: Dark, smooth, electro-pop with a little disco for good measure.
From: NYC
For Fans Of: Sleigh Bells, The Concretes, knit hats with animal ears, Suzanne Vega, slow-motion, short flowy dresses, potatoes au gratin.
Bonus: You can stream their fantastic debut album in full at Spinner right now.

Russian Red

File Under: Broody acoustic folk with a tinge of vintage weirdness.
From: Madrid
For Fans Of: Tori Amos, Sharon Van Etten, Joanna Newsom, ratatouille (the dish, not the movie), Chloe Sevigny.
Bonus: I can’t remember who sent me her link, but thank you! Here are three free downloads of her songs.

Sierra Swan

File Under: A beautifully unique voice with undeniable passion; gothic bluesy pop perfect for the cold winter weather. I’m obsessed with her song “Who Am I” right now.
From: California
For Fans Of: Dresden Dolls, Carina Round, Linda Perry’s slower works, dark fingernail polish, kicking ass, taking names.
Bonus: Ms. Swan is BFF with Linda Perry.


File Under: Haunting, other-worldly, experimental, folksy spoken-word mixed with falsetto. She could easily score a Tim Burton film.
From: Norway
For Fans Of: Pan’s Labrinth, Bat for Lashes, Radiohead, harsh bangs, ice skating on frozen ponds.
Bonus: Thank you AE reader Mirja for the head’s up on this great artist! Here’s a free download of her song, “Grizzly Man.”


File Under: Ethereal, electronic, ambient music, chicken soup for the soul.
From: Japan
For Fans Of: Lali Puna, Imogen Heap, Bjork’s Homogenic album, snow cones. 
Bonus: Grab a free download of her song, “Swimmer.”