The best (and worst) Oscar red carpet dates

One of our favorite things to imagine is what it’d be like to date our favorite celebrities. And with the Academy Awards coming our way this Sunday night, we’ve been thinking a lot about who we’d like to take with us. You know, if we were invited to participate in a way that didn’t involve our couch and our TVs and our drinking game. So, we’ve made a list of who we think would be the best (and worst) Oscars red carpet dates.

Best: Marion Cotillard

Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty

We’ll be honest: Marion Cotillard used to intimidate the hell out of us. with her fanciness and French-ness, but recent red carpet appearances have led us to believe that she’s kind of like us. She freaked out over Kristen Bell‘s pregnancy at the Golden Globes because KBell is “her favorite.” And then she said that she’s “totally in love with Jennifer Lawrence.” So, now we want to sip champagne with her and talk about Veronica Mars and Katniss Everdeen. And also maybe stare at her face a little bit.

Best: Jennifer Lawrence

Photo: Steve Granitz/Getty

Jennifer Lawrence is one of those rare creatures we actually like more the more she mouths off. Every time we turn around, she’s talking about how she can’t change her diet to gain weight because she already eats like she’s got something to prove, or video bombing Josh Hutcherson during red carpet interviews to ask him how his rash is doing, or recusing cats from burning buildings. We like ’em mouthy, and whoo boy, does Lawrence have a lot to say.

Worst: Kristen Stewart

Photo: C Flanigan/Getty

We think Kristen Stewart is very talented and we like her independent spirit and style, but all photographic evidence of awards shows seem to indicate that she hates fun. Getty Images is like 35 pages of her scowling on red carpets. There are things we’d like to do with her, but not Oscars-type things.