Although Nicole has already married a couple of millionaires

Nicole Kidman is reportedly set to remake How to Marry a Millionaire via her production company (Blossom Films) as a "potential starring vehicle." Not much else has been said about the project, though according to The Hollywood Reporter it will be "a complete overhaul of the original story" and the screenplay will be written by Sacha Gervasi (The Terminal and the film adaptation of the tv show Dallas).

I’m just hoping that the "overhaul" doesn’t include changing the names of the main characters, Loco Dempsey, Pola Debevoise, and Schatze Page. They sound like canine competitors in Best in Show!

The original was made in 1953 and starred Betty Grable, Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe as three eligible bachelorettes who set out to, well, marry millionaires but stumble upon true love along the way. Monroe, whose character was saddled with the debilitating problem of needing to wear glasses, stole the show and I’m guessing that Kidman will save that role for herself. Grable and Bacall, however, were equally brilliant, and the film featured a hilarious department store fashion show (topped only by the one in The Women — a 1939 classic that a variety of A-list starlets have been trying to get remade for years).

Good luck to Kidman and Blossom Films in trying to top the tagline of the original: "The Most Glamorous Entertainment Of Your Lifetime in CinemaScope. You See It Without Glasses!"

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