Michelle Rodriguez is a “Breed”er

Michelle Rodriguez‘s film The Breed is released on DVD today. Haven’t heard of this little gem? I’ll fill you in.

The synopsis:

"Two close brothers, Matt and John head to an exotic island for a week of fun and relaxation. Joined by Matt’s girlfriend Nicki, John’s girlfriend Sara and a friend Noah, the group intend on having a week of relaxation, fun and spending quality time together. However, after one of them is viciously attacked by a dog, the friends decide to leave the island early – only to find their plane wrecked. As the day goes on, the friends find themselves fighting for their lives against a vicious pack of mutated dogs – hundreds of them, who don’t intend on the group making it out alive off the island…"

It’s like Cujo Goes to Cancun!

The reviews I’ve read so far are calling it a stinker, so maybe it’s best to use your imagination and make up your own story using these production stills.

Michelle and Taryn embark on an exciting, adventure-filled Olivia Cruise


Taryn blends that frozen concoction that helps her hang on


inspiring Michelle to violate her parole and get busted again


but she handles her inevitable return to ladies lockup with characteristic aplomb.

The End

Now you try!