REVIEW: “Lover’s Game” is the next great lesbian film


Sometimes a completely eye-catching, plot-twisting film comes around and we can’t seem to get our head on right for a few days thereafter. The whispery lines within the dialogue, the heart-pounding moments, the provocative chemistry between characters—it all resonates and lingers. In queer media, such a film is one to be shared and admired, as is the case for Lover’s Game.

When writer, producer and director Danielle Earle set out to create the vivid world of Lover’s Game, an enigmatic story of sex, art, love and scandal came to life. Co-written by Earle and Stephanie Lazorchak, this cleverly scripted film, striking in its delivery, will utterly capture you. And what more could you expect from a film with a tagline like: “What happens when you love two different people?”


Annabella (Crawford Collins) and Vincent (Blaine Pennington), a wealthy New York City couple, are now a year or so into their marriage are ready to begin a family. Annabella is an art gallery owner juggling the role of hopeful mother-to-be with her bustling career, until she learns she can’t get pregnant. Annabella and Vincent’s relationship begins to take a toll as a result.

Then, like fate (or fatality), Annabella meets an alluring artist, Gillian (Miranda McCauley), and the two hit it off as friends—Gillian is also going through a tumultuous time, as her current relationship has begun to hit rock bottom.

A deeper connection between these two women is almost immediately recognized, and their chemistry skyrockets into uncontrollable temptation. When Annabella and Gillian begin the entanglements of one sexy affair, the film unfolds into an intricate portrayal of women confronted with the emotional wheel of love, pain and unearthing oneself. The persistent question of what we do when we love two different people suddenly seems severely clear: Whatever we do, we must know that our actions, whatever the size of the ripple, will potentially cause waves unseen to us—with ultimate consequence.

The success of Earle’s award winning web series, Brooklyn Is In Love, has put her and her team on the queer cinema map. You may recognize Collins and McCauley from their characters on the web series as Diane and Pam, as well as McCauley’s onscreen girlfriend from Lover’s Game, Nadia Serantes. Earle is the CEO and founder of her production company, PL Entertainment and is currently making efforts to see that Lover’s Game is screened across the globe at film festivals everywhere. Putting positive-LGBTQ themed movies into the film festival circuit creates an incredible amount of impact, and this is one film you will not want to miss.


To help out Lover’s Game and stay up-to-date on the film’s journey, please visit the team’s Indiegogo project page. A couple of sexy film clips can be found on their YouTube page, along with the trailer below: