Morning Brew – “The Walking Dead” gets a lesbian

Good morning!

So I’m a huge Walking Dead fan and I’ve been asking/hoping for a lesbian to appear in the zombie apocalypse throughout the show’s four seasons and last night my wish came true. Aspiring cop Tara (Alanna Masterson) let the Governor (boo hiss!) come inside her apartment with her sister, niece and her ailing father. Besides her hot swagger, we know she’s gay when she mentions to her sister that she thought some girl was the one until she told her “she wasn’t into chicks.”

According to IMDB, Tara is in at least two more upcoming episodes (#12 and #16). Please don’t kill her off immediately!

Amber Tamblyn‘s lesbian character on Two and a Half Men has seen several sexual conquests so far this season, but she’s getting one that’s going to stick a bit in December. The show has cast Aly Michalka (Hellcats) as her love interest named Brooke. She’ll first show up December 12.

Premiere Of Magnolia Pictures' "How I Live Now" - Arrivals

We’ll have our review of the Moms Mabley documentary later today, but Slate also has one. The doc premieres tonight on HBO.

Sisters, sisters! Liz Cheney is running for a Senate position in her home state of Wyoming, and when questioned about how she feels about her gay sister, Mary, saying she’s “dead wrong” on the issue of marriage equality (Liz opposes it), she responded by saying:

“I love Mary very much, I love our family very much. This is just an issue on which we disagree. I believe in the traditional definition of marriage.”

I love when people are like, “You know, I love you but I still think you don’t deserve your relationship to be validated. XOXO!”

Mary wrote on Facebook:

Liz – this isn’t just an issue on which we disagree – you’re just wrong – and on the wrong side of history.

Even the Cheneys get in Facebook fights!

All My Children fans, did you know Alicia Minshew is playing a lesbian on the web series Beacon Hill? Now you do!

A film about kids with LGBT parents, Growing up Gayby, will premiere on Australian TV next week.

Mary Lambert will perform at The Dinah this April.

Tonight at midnight, MTV is giving you a special sneak peek at Generation Cryo. Catch the first episode before it truly premieres on November 25, and check out the latest promo below:


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