Morning Brew – Miley Cyrus makes out with Britney’s female back-up dancer

Good morning! Happy New Year! This is the first Brew of 2014. Can you feel the excitement?

I’d love to see Jodie Foster in the new Avengers movie, wouldn’t you? Robert Downey Jr. is apparently trying to make it happen for his friend.

Speaking of the Avengers, star Mark Ruffalo is still being harassed for his role in The Kids Are All Right. According to Star, Mark was chatting up a woman about baseball while waiting for his wife to finish in the bathroom while out to dinner, and this went down:

“They were all talking about the Red Sox, it was totally innocent…[then] this other chick goes off on him. Mark’s sputtering that she had the wrong idea, but the woman just screamed, ‘Go find your own goddamn girl!’ and pulled her girlfriend away.'”

While we’re talking about tabloids, Life & Style reports Miley Cyrus is secretly bisexual. From “a source”:

“She has women over to her house all the time and hooks up with them. Lately she is more interested in women than men. She was completely brokenhearted after Liam and is kind of over men for the time being. I wouldn’t be surprised if a woman came out and said she has hooked up with her soon.”

Then she made out with one of Britney Spears‘ female back-up dancers during a live show and the secret was out. (JK, but if Miley is bisexual, I don’t think she’d hide it.)


Cameron Esposito is on Cosmo‘s list of 13 Female Comedians to Watch. Speaking of Cosmo, if you pick up the new issue with Ariana Grande on the cover, there is a five-page spread about girls who like girls that I may have helped write.

Out director Francesca Gregorini talked with the New York Times about her new film, Emanuel and the Fishes. We have one with her about the queerness of the movie starring Jessica Biel and Kaya Scodelario that you can read next week before the film hits theaters.

Dell is selling a web filter product that allows you to block gay or lesbian websites like this one right here. We disapprove, obviously.

Modern Family star Ty Burrell signed a marriage certificate for a lesbian couple who married in the Utah bar he co-owns over the weekend. How sweet!

EverydayFeminism has some ideas on gender-neutral alternatives to use when mentioning your girlfriend or boyfriend. I prefer “boo” myself.

Amber Tamblyn is happy to play a lesbian that isn’t the butt of the jokes on Two and a Half Men. She’s usually the one making them!

The Awl’s “Year in Lesbians” has a trailer for a movie I hadn’t heard of but now need to see. It’s called Gut Renovation and it’s about director Su Friedrich’s personal experience with gentrification in Brooklyn.

Ani DiFranco has apologized for hosting a retreat at mansion with a terribly racist history.

In case you have yet to see Blue is the Warmest Color, or just want to watch some highlights again, there’s a new redband trailer.

Lost Girl producer Emily Andras gives some intel on the latest episode, including that kiss.

The Atlantic has a great piece on Brandon Teena 20 years after his tragic murder.

Sally Kohn writes what’s next for LGBTs in 2014 for The Daily Beast.

Black Sails premieres on Starz at the end of the month and I can’t wait for the lesbian saloon-owner to whip the pirates into shape.

Need some positivity in the new year? Visit

James Blunt has a lesbian couple taking a selfie while kissing in his new video for “Heart to Heart.” It happens around the 2:14 mark. (Thanks Ellen!)

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