Get your Netflix on with these lesbian/bi films that are perfect for Halloween

After the last trick or treaters have come and gone, what’s a lady to do on Halloween night? Sure, you could get all dressed up and hit the town with the other ghouls, but what if you just want to turn the lights down low and curl up with a scary movie? All of the films we recommend here are currently available on Netflix, so you can watch them anywhere: your living room, dungeon, the crawlspace under your staircase. Whatever floats your boat.

*Some of these trailers may be NSFW.*


All Cheerleaders Die: 2, 4, 6, 8, who should we obliterate? This campy little gem of a horror film came out earlier this year and really took us by surprise by how well it portrayed it’s bisexual and lesbian characters. Starring the openly queer Caitlin Stasey, the film does indeed focus on a group of cheerleaders who meet their untimely demise, but come back to seek revenge. Three of the lead characters are lesbian or bisexual, and the fun and sometimes frightening plot is ultimately satisfying. Kind of like those leftover Fun Size Snickers bars.

Jack and Diane: Don’t you hate when you meet the love of your teenage life, and she turns out to be a werewolf? That’s what happens in Jack and Diane, which stars a terrifically butchy Riley Keough and Juno Temple as star-crossed, or should I say, moon-crossed lovers. The lycanthropy is more or less an allegory for female sexual awakening, but it’s kind of interesting to see this type of film set around a lesbian love story.

We Are the Night: Lesbians love vampires, or at least that’s what the movie industry must think. Louise (Nina Hoss), the leader of a fierce trio of Berliner vamps, falls for a young woman named Lena (Karoline Herfurth) and turns her into a vampire. Lena starts to have second thoughts about being one of the bloodthirsty undead and turns the tables on her new group of lady friends.

The Moth DiariesAll girls boarding school? Check. Obsessive female friendships? Check. Vampires? Check. When Rebecca’s (Sarah Bolger) best pal suddenly falls under the thrall of a new girl (Lily Cole), jealousy and vampiric accusations fly.

V/H/S: V/H/S is really a horror film comprised of a series of vignettes that are discovered on an old video cassette. Some are supernatural, others just scary as hell. One of these short stories has a major lesbian twist! Avoid this one if you are quite squeamish.

The CraftOK, so technically The Craft isn’t meant to be a lesbian/bi film, but I don’t know a single queer woman who doesn’t love this ’90s teen tale of witchcraft woes. Plus, I’m not convinced that Rochelle (Rachel True) and Bonnie (Neve Campbell) weren’t in lesbians together.