Vampires and werewolves, but no Beckinsale, oh my!

Considering it’s the season of goblins, ghouls and other assorted creatures of the night, I thought I might hop online to see if any new vampire movies are set to debut in the near future. (I would go see 30 Days of Night, but Josh Hartnett bugs me for some reason.) And what to my wondering eye should appear but news of a third Underworld film.

Naturally, my heart leapt with joy at the prospect of more time spent ogling Kate Beckinsale in that tight little number she wears so well.

But alas, while a filming schedule has been announced, word has it that the lovely Ms. Beckinsale is not involved in the project. Apparently, the writer/director of the Underworld franchise, Len Wiseman (who just happens to be married to the lovely Beckinsale), has chosen to do a prequel rather than a sequel. Yes, it is the movie kiss of death.

There will be no Beckinsale running around with very large guns.

She won’t be running around with little ones either.

Did I mention she also looks quite good with a sword?

I know. I digress. Perhaps she should speak to that handsome hubby of hers about what prequels tend to do to movie franchises.

No casting details have been released, but filming starts in New Zealand in January. Part of me is happy, but most of me is sad. Really, without Beckinsale, what reason do I have to shell out my hard-earned cash to watch the war between vampires and werewolves? That’s like paying to see Terminator 3 sans Linda Hamilton. I enjoyed it just fine on my little TV at home for free. Guess that’s what I’ll do with Underworld 3 as well.