“Doomsday”: The end is nigh!

Last summer I made my first
trek to the San Diego Comic Con and oh, honey … the sights I done saw!

Liv Tyler speaking Elvish to appease a ballroom full of nerds … a
dude dressed like a 300 Spartan yet decidedly lacking a 300
Spartan’s body … miles and miles of crap that no one needs yet everyone
desperately wants … an amputee model all done up like Rose McGowan
in Planet Terror … and $5 pretzels. Yes, I said five-dollar
. What’s up with that, Comic Con? Do I not
hunger yet deserve affordable snacks? Am I made out of money?
What am I, Goldfinger? Do I smell like Elizabeth Taylor’s
White Diamonds? No, I assure you that I most certainly do not.

Although now that I think about
it, that might be lovely.

While everyone else at the
convention was drooling over the Iron Man trailer, I was drooling
(with anticipation, I swear) over the panel writer-director Neil
gave to talk about his upcoming “dark action thriller”
. Marshall, you see, is the man responsible for two
of my favorite horror films: the 2002 “army vs. werewolves” flick
Dog Soldiers
, and the 2006 “hot women go caving with disastrous
results” flick The Descent. Basically, I’d be willing
to give any film the guy does a shot; lucky for me, however, Doomsday

looks killer.

Marshall’s ode to postapocalyptic
movies like Escape From New York and The Road Warrior
has everything you could want in pure escapist entertainment: car chases,
weirdo eye makeup on crazy people, infections and quarantines, explosions,
mohawks, and a gun-totin’, sword-wieldin’, tank-top-wearin’ Rhona
Mitra. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and, uh … she
looks pretty damn fine.

Six months after I went goo-goo over the film and early clips in San Diego, the official trailer
has shown up online and I’m goo-goo
all over again. Check it out — everything you need to know about
the movie is crammed into two and a half minutes. If you’re as
geeky — no wait — I mean, if you’re as savvy as I am, you’ll
even spot MyAnna Buring, one of The Descent’s six chicks
with a pick.

Doomsday first look

(Watch it in high-def here)

All you really need to know about Doomsday, though, are two little
words: Rhona and Mitra.

Doomsday will be hitting
theaters on March 14. But as anxious as I am to see it, I’m
not sure if I’ll be able to. Comic Con is coming up soon, after
all, and I’d better start saving now if I plan on eating.