Michelle Pfeiffer: Do brunettes have more fun?

a new look, and who better to decide whether she should keep it than
those of us who adore her?

Pfeiffer, who turns 50 on April 29, tried on a lot of looks
last year. She was Velma Von Tussle in Hairspray.

Lamia in Stardust.

And Rosie in I Could Never
Be Your Woman
which I missed. I’m not happy about that, since she apparently spends
much of the movie in sleeveless tops. (Paul Rudd co-stars.)

Last week, at the Broadway
premiere of Come Back Little Sheba, she debuted a look that I can’t recall seeing before.
I’ll just call it “non-blonde.”

Dish Rag
it “mousy” and suggests she looks like Calista Flockhart‘s
older sister.

You know, she kinda does.
Look like Calista, I mean. I would never call Michelle Pfeiffer “mousy.”
I think she looks lovely, in fact. And not because I have bad vision.

What about you? Do you prefer
Ms. Pfeiffer as a blonde or a brunette? Or does her beauty transcend
hair color?