Lists I’ve liked lately: movies, toys, geeks and more

I keep coming across lists I can’t really improve on, so I’m just going to list them. In a list. Of lists. (A few of these are via Pop Candy, which is always a good source for lists and, well, just about everything else.)

1. 10 Star Wars toys that unintentionally look like other celebrities

When I was a kid, I often complained that my Princess Leia action figure just wasn’t made right — it kept toppling over. And it annoyed me that her gun was so flimsy and useless, especially compared to Chewbacca’s giant over-the-arm weapon. But at least the ’70s toy version of Leia didn’t look like Christian Bale:

And then there’s Mon Mothma and Laura Bush:

The list includes other frighteningly spot-on comparisons, like Han Solo/Josh Brolin and Yak Face/Robert De Niro.

2. 13 movies worth preserving readers recently named the films they’d like to add to the National Film Registry. I agree with Raising Arizona and The Women — and with the reader who submitted the latter and said, “I can’t believe it’s not already there.”

3. 20 pop-cultural obsessions even geekier than Monty Python

From Rocky Horror to Joss Whedon to fanfic … is this “geeky,” or “gay”? Whatever it is, it’s a great read.

4. The top-earning women in music

This is a fact-based list instead of a “best of” list, but it’s interesting and includes pretty pictures. Madonna and Barbra take the top two spots. Other moneymakers include Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks, and the youngest is Hilary Duff.

5. 25 essential graphic novels

Whoa, 25? I mean, I love some of the books on the list, especially Fun Home, but 25 seems like way too many to be an essence of anything. Still, this is great guidance for anyone who disparages “comic books” generally.

6. Top 7 sexiest female Marvel characters

Another (much less well-written) comic-book-oriented list. It includes Black Widow — why hasn’t anyone translated her to film yet? Or have they?

Finally, two Feist-related “lists”:

7. Feist wins 2007 Shortlist Music Price for The Reminder

8. Juno nominations (including Feist and Tegan and Sara)

I think Feist will soon have a Grammy to add to her personal list of accomplishments. (Actually, her personal list probably includes cooler things, such as “Got audience to sing for the 43rd time in a row!”)