Movie posters: “Miss Pettigrew,” “Nim’s Island” and more

It’s movie poster time! (And you know what that really means: I’m too tired to actually write.)

First, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day:

The linster blogged about this one a while ago. In the poster, Frances McDormand doesn’t really look shocked — more like intrigued. That could be wishful thinking on my part.

Next, Nim’s Island:

I love the trailer and am looking forward to the movie, but why does Jodie Foster look so weird in the poster? Her face has been softened or something. I don’t like it.

Next, Mercedes, which I hadn’t heard of before today.

It’s actually about the car company — the luxury cars were named after their creator’s daughter. The film sounds like a grand Gatsby–esque romance, but doesn’t seem to have any info about it. So who is that lovely lady? Maybe this is really just a lengthy car commercial and not an actual movie.

Next, Possession (Sarah Michelle Gellar):

The two shadows are definitely creepy. And Sarah’s looming like a ghost, which could be promising or could just be a lazy poster technique. Read the linster’s recent SMG update for the trailer.

Finally, Sleepwalking (Charlize Theron, AnnaSophia Robb):

This makes me really glad Phyllis wasn’t wearing roller skates when she danced on the diving board in the most recent episode of The L Word. But the movie looks somewhat interesting — here’s the trailer:



And now I’ll stop sleepwalking through this post.