Angelina Jolie is “Wanted” even more

Another Friday, another new movie trailer. But don’t be confused by the title on this one. Wanted isn’t an Angelina Jolie biopic. Instead, it’s an Angelina Jolie action-thriller.

Earlier this week, the new, longer, more action-packed trailer for the summer spectacular Wanted came out. It’s things like this I can really get behind, so to speak.

The film, based on the graphic novel series by Mark Millar, looks like a mix of old-fangled shoot ’em up and newfangled bending of the laws of physics. It revolves around a secret society of assassins, dubbed the Fraternity. Morgan Freeman plays the Fraternity’s leader, Sloan; James McAvoy is its hapless newcomer, Wes, and Angie is its ace assassin, Fox. Gosh, if there were ever a name that matched its character. Give the trailer a look and see for yourself (see it in hi-def here):

Hmm. In general I’m of the “more Jolie, the Jolier” school of thought, but I’m getting a distinct sense of

déjà vu with this preview. We’ve seen action Angie before in the Tomb Raider films. We’ve seen secret agent Angie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Oh, and I seem to recall another film about some guy who had a three-letter name who kept being called “The One.” Bet these two clean up playing limbo.

The Matrix overtones are impossible to ignore, what with its sage mentor, hottie female fighter and slo-mo bullets. Heavens, they even took the time to have them engraved.

Still, despite the similarities, it’s always fun to see action Angie again. That woman can wield a shotgun like no other. Sadly, her toothpick arms make me wonder how she lifted the gun in the first place. I’m so happy she has been looking better-nourished of late.

So, does the new trailer make you more or less likely to see Wanted ? And, uh, how can I get some quality bonding time with Angelina?