“Nine”: A bevy of beautiful women and one (lesbianish) man

I swear I meant to see the Broadway revival of Maury Yeston‘s Nine in 2003.

It had one the best casts ever: Jane Krakowski, Mary Stuart Masterson, Laura Benati, Chita Rivera. But despite my best intentions, I was a big loser and I never got around to seeing it. Alas.

Now I know next to nothing about the show, just that it’s based on Federico Fellini‘s , which I’ve never seen. I also know that the show features only one man and the rest of the cast is women. (And the New York Times review made it clear that the heart of the show was the women.) Basically, I wish I had not passed up the chance to see another Chita Rivera show, and I’m sorry that I missed Mary Stuart Masterson and Jane Krakowski onstage. And, of course, Laura Benati has been fantastic every time I’ve seen her on Broadway.

But now I — and everyone else who missed it — will have an opportunity to see a different version with a cast full of amazing women. Rob Marshall (Chicago) is directing a film version, tentatively scheduled to begin production in the fall.

And are you ready for the casting?

The confirmed cast members are:

Penelope Cruz will be playing the Jane Krakowski role.

Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard will be playing the Mary Stuart Masterson role.

(Ideally, she won’t make any dumb-ass conspiracy theory comments when doing press for this movie.)

And Sophia Loren will be playing the part of the Fellini character’s mother.

(And, for the record, the sometimes lesbianish Javier Bardem will be playing the role of the Fellini character.)

Then, there are two rumored additions to the cast: Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman, who I’m guessing will be playing the Laura Benati role.

And everything-award-winner Judi Dench, who I’m guessing will be playing the Chita Rivera role.

Apparently, she has a rather extensive musical theater history. She was the original Sally Bowles in the London production of Cabaret, and she won the Olivier Award for Stephen Sondheim‘s A Little Night Music.

All I can say about this cast is, “Oh my God!” I may not have gotten around to seeing the stage production, but I’m not missing this movie.