“Donnie Darko”: Part Dos?

Whether you loved it and didn’t understand it, or hated it but claim to “get it” all, the film Donnie Darko is undeniably a cult classic. The 2001 indie film starring Jena Malone and both Gyllenhaals focused on the lead character’s existential crisis involving a bunny rabbit and his untimely death. It also featured cameos from Patrick Swayze and Drew Barrymore and had a rocking ’80s soundtrack. Why mess with perfection? The director Richard Kelly did not want to — and still doesn’t, which is why he wants no association with the film’s upcoming sequel, S. Darko.

The new film stars Daveigh Chase (Big Love), who played Donnie’s young sister, Samatha, in the original film.

She reprises her role alongside other new cast members Ed Westwick (Chuck from Gossip Girl) and Briana Evigan (Step Up 2: The Streets). The director is Chris Fisher, whose previous work includes Nightstalker and Rampage: The Hillside Strangler Murders (guess I missed those two at the box office.) The film follows Samantha at age 18 on a road trip to L.A. with a friend when they start to have “bizarre visions” — perhaps the ghosts of Sparkle Motion Past, Present and Future.

Filming is slated to begin May 18, and S. Darko will screen at next years’ Cannes Film Festival. The probability of this being bought is most likely very high, but the probability of it being very good? The jury’s still out — it might depend highly on a Swayze appearance. Come on — he did it for Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights!