Frances McDormand is a scene stealer in “Burn After Reading”

You might have heard about how funny Brad Pitt is in his new film, Burn After Reading; or perhaps you’ve seen coverage of George Clooney gracing the red carpet for the movie’s premiere. It’s the same old song and dance in the press (is this Ocean’s 14?), but the real reason to see the new Coen Brothers film is its two female stars: Tilda Swinton and Frances McDormand.

We’ve given a lot of credit to Swinton on the blog in the past, but McDormand (in general) gets overlooked a lot. Some might say she’s not your typical leading lady, but she is a character actress that steals every scene, which is why she’s an Academy Award winner (nominated three times total) but more remarkably, she’s constantly chosen roles that are challenging over those that might be more attractive. From her parts in Raising Arizona to Fargo to North Country, she’s the secret weapon of any movie she co-stars in.

In Burn After Reading(which opens this Friday), McDormand plays Linda Litzke, a disgruntled employee at a gym called Hardbodies. She desperately wants to have plastic surgery and is an avid internet dater. Alongside Pitt, early reviews have praised the duo’s comedic timing, and from the description of the character, it sounds like McDormand can really nail it. (She always does.)

I would be remiss not to mention McDormand’s ultimate scene steal in Laurel Canyon, though. It’s a little too racy to post on, but I’d suggest watching a clip if you are a fan of McDormand, Beckinsale or kissing in general.

Will you see Burn After Reading?